Arducam Pivariety 16MP IMX298 Color Motorized Focus Camera Module

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  1. Sensor Type: 16MP IMX298
  2. Pixel Size: 1.12um x 1.12um
  3. Optical Size: 1/2.8”
  4. Active Pixels: 4656 H × 3496 V
  5. Lens Spec: Focal length: 4.04mm, F.NO: 2.0±5%, FOV: horizontal 62deg
  6. IR Sensitivity: Integral IR filter, visible light only
  7. Focus Type: Motorized focus, programmable focus control
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Arducam Pivariety is a Raspberry Pi camera solution to take the advantage of using its hardware ISP functions. Using Arducam Pivariety camera modules, users can get better performance and a wider variety of camera, and lens options. For a long time, Raspberry Pi users are limited to using the closed-source official supported camera driver and camera modules (V1/V2/HQ). Now Arducam made it possible to provide a well-tuned ISP for Pivariety camera modules with Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Lens Shading Correction, etc.

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  1. First you need to do Hardware setup. You need to make the connections as shown in the link .
  2. After hardware setup, it is time for Software setup. you need to install the kernel driver.  You need to follow the commands given in this link .
  3. After installation of kernel driver, you need access  and program the pivariety  camera.  You need to follow the commands given in this link .

  1. UAV/Drones/FPV camera
  2. Machine Vision
  3. Robotics
  4. IoT
  5. Face Recognition
  6. Defect Detection

Note: Raspberry pi is not included in this kit you have to buy it separately.


  1. 16MP Sony IMX298 Exmor RS color sensor, up to 4640×3472@10.000 fps.
  2. Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance.
  3. Programmable focus control.
  4. Gstreamer support.
  5. Upcoming V4L2 support(Although the V4L2 interface is supported, only RAW format images can be obtained, without ISP support).
  6. Compatible with all libcamera-based apps maintained by the RPi foundation.

Package Includes:

1 x Arducam 16MP IMX298 ISP Camera Module

1 x 150mm 22pin 1.0mm FPC cable

1 x 150mm 15pin 1.0mm to 22pin 0.5mm pitch FPC cable

1 x acrylic case kit with assembly accessories



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