Waveshare RPi Camera (F), Supports Night Vision, Adjustable-Focus

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  1. Product: RPi Camera
  2. Megapixel: 5
  3. Sensor: OV5647
  4. Focal Length : 3.6mm
  5. Sensor best resolution : 1080p
  6. Angle of View (diagonal) : 50 degree
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Raspberry Pi Camera Module, Supports Night Vision. After the Bullseye version of the Raspberry Pi image, the underlying Raspberry Pi driver was switched from Raspicam to lib-camera. lib-camera is an open-source software stack (will be called driver later, which is easy to understand), which is convenient for third-party porting and development of their own camera drivers. As of 2021-12-20, there are still many bugs in lib-camera, and the current lib-camera does not support python, so the Raspberry Pi official still provides a method for installing and downloading raspicam. For users who are difficult to switch to lib-camera but need to use the latest system, please directly refer to the Raspicam instructions.


  1. Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera,
  2. Supports all revisions of the Pi
  3. 5-megapixel OV5647 sensor
  4. Adjustable focus distance
  5. Supports connecting infrared LED and/or fill flash LED


  1. CCD size : 1/4inch
  2. Aperture (F) : 2
  3. Focal Length : 3.6mm
  4. Angle of View (diagonal) : 50 degree
  5. Sensor best resolution : 1080p
  6. product Weight: 21g

Package Include:

1 X RPi Camera (F)

2 X Infrared LED Board (B)

1 X 15-pin FFC (opposite sides contact)


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