OpenMV Cam H7 Plus


1.Processor: ARM 32-bit Cortex-M7 CPU 480 MHz (1027 DMIPS)

2.RAM: 256KB

3.Flash Layout: 128KB Bootloader, 16MB Embedded Flash Drive

4.Maximum Resolution: Grayscale: 2952×1944

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The OpenMV Cam is a small, low power, microcontroller board featuring an STM32H743II Arm® Cortex® M7 processor running at 480MHz, which allows you to easily implement applications using machine vision in the real world. It is equipped with 32MB of SDRAM, 1MB of RAM, and 2MB of flash. The OpenMV Cam in high-level Python scripts instead of C/C++. This makes it easier to deal with the complex outputs of machine vision algorithms and working with high-level data structures. The I/O pins can be controlled through python. You can easily trigger taking pictures and videos on external events or execute machine vision algorithms to figure out how to control your I/O pins.

Pinout Diagram:

OpenMV Cam H7 Plus

  1. Frame Differencing
  2. Color /Marker/Face/Eye Tracing
  3. Person Detection
  4. Optical Flow
  5. QR Code Detection/Decoding
  6. Data Matrix Detection/Decoding
  7. Linear Barcode Decoding
  8. Line Detection


  1. STM32H743II processor to realize machine vision applications
  2. Compact size for easy deployment in robotics projects
  3. Low power consumption for prolonged use
  4. Micropython support with easy-to-use OpenMV IDE for quick and convenient project integration
  5. High resolution OV5640 image sensor (2592×1944/ 5MP) for better image processing
  6. Removable camera module system to realize advanced applications
  7. Supports various shields for further expansion of projects
  8. Full speed USB (12Mbs) interface with your computer
  9. A μSD Card socket capable of 100Mbs read/write speeds
  10. An SPI bus that can run up to 100Mbs
  11. An I2C Bus, CAN Bus, and an Asynchronous Serial Bus (TX/RX) for interfacing with other microcontrollers and sensors.
  12. Two I/O pins with support for servo control in robotics projects
  13. Interrupts and PWM on all I/O pins with 10 I/O pins on the board for project expandability
  14. An RGB LED for status indication and two high power 850nm IR LEDs

Package Includes:

1 x OpenMV Cam H7 Plus


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