PGYTECH Propeller Guard for MAVIC 2 Drones Accessories

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  1. Built-in 200mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  2. 5V USB charging port
  3. 14 Kinds of lighting mode
  4. Charging time:1 Hour
  5. Using time: 45 minutes(Marquee mode); 80 minutes(Flash mode)
  6. Material: ABS Plastic

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Light up your MAVIC AIR flights with the PGYTECH Propeller Guard. It comes complete with LED lights to give 14 different combinations of lighting. Light setup controlled by the MAVIC remote controller. Creates amazing light effects.


  1. PGYTECH Propeller Guard for MAVIC 2,can provide more protection; at low speed can prevent the propeller from scratching people or objects to a large extent. Light body with convenient disassembly and assembly, which effectively guarantees flight safety.
  2. Isolation paddles for indoor shooting and novices.
  3. Controlled by MAVIC remote controller
  4. 14 different combinations of lights
  5. Built-in power
  6. USB charging
  7. Full propeller protection
  8. Safe indoor flying

Package Includes :

1 x PGYTECH Propeller Guard for MAVIC 2 Drone


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