Q100 Brushed Quad-copter Frame

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  1. Material: ABS.
  2. Wheelbase: 100mm.
  3. Prop Size: 65mm
  4. Color: Yellow/Red/White
  5. Bare weight: 12 gm
  6. The Ultra-Lightweight design.
  7. Great for building Micro and Nano FPV racing drone with little cost.

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The Q100 is a mini-size smallest frame among the quadcopter frame class. The compact design with ABS plastic body has made them popular in FPV racing.

This is ready-2-fly quadcopter frame requires only basic installation. You can enjoy the versatility of the Q100 racing drone by practicing your flying, racing, or aerial acrobatic drone skills either indoors when it’s raining, or outdoors when it’s sunny.

The lighter quadcopter frames have their own advantages in flying which includes the faster speed with longer flight time. Also, the Q100 Mini Quadcopter Frame has excellent agility and less destructive inertia in a crash.

They have the plastic body and are available in several different colors(note that they are shipped randomly from warehouse irrespective of the customers choice). Their plastic body makes them ultra-lightweight.

The frame is designed in such a way that all the necessary component with a camera can be easily installed. It has the pre-reserved mounting hole for mini FPV camera. The frame has the wheelbase of 100mm and weighs around 12gm. 

The arms of the frame are attached permanently to the frame and can’t be removed. The upper colored cap at the front of the frame can be attached and detached while assembling.

They equip simple motor mounts in which you can plug in 8mm motors. We suggest you using 8520 Coreless Motor.

Recommendation (NOT Included ) :

  1. Propeller: 65 mm Propeller (CW & CCW)
  2. Battery: 1S Orange LiPo (250-750mAh)
  3. Flight Controller: SP Racing F3 Evo
  4. Motor:  8520 Coreless DC Motor

Features :

  1. Made by advanced engineering material.
  2. The Ultra-Lightweight design.
  3. It has the pre-reserved mounting hole for mini FPV camera.
  4. Compatible with 8520 Coreless Brushed DC Motor.
  5. Great for building Micro and Nano FPV racing drone with little cost.

Package Includes : 

1 x Q100 Brushed Quadcopter Frame.

Note: The frame comes in Yellow, Red and White Color we will ship it Randomly

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