BGC v3.15 MOS Large Current 2-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Driver

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  1. Stabilization Axes: 2
  2. Supply Voltage: 8V to 18V (3s-4s LiPo)
  3. Maximum DC current to each motor 2.8A
  4. Supported sensors: MPU6050
  5. Overcurrent protection: Yes
  6. Overheat protection: Yes
  7. Undervoltage protection: Yes
  8. Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  9. Support 2-8 series gimbal motor
  10. Peak current 10A

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BGC v3.15 MOS Large Current 2-axis Brushless Gimbal Controller Driver is the original BaseCam SimpleBGC 8-bit controller board (formerly also called AlexMos). While this board has been superseded by the 32-bit version, this 8-bit version is still available in the marketplace and is actively used and supported.

It still produces outstanding results!!!

Without the extension board, this controller can be used for building high-quality 2-axis camera stabilizing systems. The controller can also be used for 3-axis control systems with the addition of the extension board.

In either case, from a functional perspective, the newer 32-bit board is 100% backward compatible with this board, and users of this board can freely upgrade systems from this board to the newer 32-bit board.

In addition, the management software is backward compatible, so it is possible (or preferred) to use a new version of the GUI (SimpleBGC’s management software) with this board- giving an improved experience with this board and also further making an upgrade to the 32-bit board as easy as possible.


The controller board is configured through our multi-platform software product (SimpleBGC GUI). You may run this on a PC, Mac, or Linux. A version is also available for Android.

Note that the board has firmware and the GUI software runs externally (on a PC, Mac, or Linux, etc) but the GUI keeps track of the firmware number and it requires that the GUI revision be at or newer than the board’s firmware. 

While there is a User Manual for the 8-bit version, since you may use the GUI for the 32-bit board with this board (the 8-bit) it may nonetheless be instructive to obtain the newer and more thorough User Manual for the newer 32-bit version. This is especially pertinent if you choose to use the newer version of the GUI with this board. Remember however you can only use firmware for the 8-bit board on the 8-bit board.


We recommend to don’t flashing/Updating the Default firmware. Updated or new firmware may cause a problem of connectivity with PC/Laptop.

Features :

  1. Adopts MOS tube drive, with larger current
  2. Support 2-8 series gimbal motor
  3. Peak current 10A
  4. With IIC interface
  5. Onboard USB for PC communication to configure and upgrade

Package Includes :

1 x BGC v3.15 Two-axis brushless gimbal driver Module
1 x Gyro sensor. (with 30 cm cable)
1x Cable


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