Robocat 270 Racing Quadcopter Frame

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  1. Approx 270mm motor to motor
  2. Material – carbon fibre
  3. Removable canopy made from shock-absorbing PC material
  4. Flying Weight -410-430g (battery excluded)
  5. Model net weight: 210 g± 3g

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Robocat was designed with aerodynamics in mind. The carbon fiber we use allows us to create a sturdy but lightweight structure. For the Canopy, we took into account the ease of maintenance. The design incorporates a hinge feature allowing for easy access to the electronic insides.
With an eye-catching form paired with a streamlined Canopy, high speeds are achievable due to the low drag. The Canopy comes in different colors suitable for various situations. The Canopy is made from shock-absorbing PC material. If you have FPV racing on your mind, then this is the number one quadcopter for you.
Build from pure carbon fiber, 1.5mm thick fuselage & 3mm thick arms, Robocat 270 Racing Quadcopter Frame can be fitted with 1806 to 2206 sized motors, 12A speed controller, CC3D & Mini KK2.1 Flight controller, 3 to 4S 1500mah Lipo battery, 32mm CCTV Camera, 5.8G video Transmitter, 5 inches propeller.

Note: The cover on the frame comes in different colors, we will ship it according to availability.


  1. 270 size FPV racing quad frame
  2. Super tough and durable all 4k weave carbon fiber construction
  3. Eye-catching Lexan body shell design available in several colors
  4. Unique rotating frame design allows easy access to electronics
  5. Plenty of space for electronics and FPV equipment
  6. Individual component mounting options for a neat and tidy install
  7. Pre-angled FPV camera mount for high-speed flight

Package Includes:

1 x Robocat 270 Racing Quadcopter Frame


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