5010 360KV High Torque Brushless Motor for Drone

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  1. KV(rpm/v): 360KV
  2. LiPO Battery: 2-6s Li-Po
  3. ESC: 20-40A
  4. Shaft size: 4mm
  5. Propeller: 14″ – 16″ inch
  6. Cable length: 40cm

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If you are wandering to build a drone and don’t know what will be the best motor for you then worry no more, we have got your back. At Robu, we have everything for you to get started with your drone project.

This 5010 360KV High Torque Brushless Motor for Drone comes with self-cooling technology, so they will be able to withstand high temperatures up to 140° C (356 F). The motor can produce thrust up to 1500 gm on a 4s Lipo battery.

This brushless motor for the Drone is evaluated by the high torque offered by them. The motor gives an awesome flight experience on behalf of the NdFeB magnets and properly lubricated high-quality ball bearings. They can be paired with 14″ to 16″ Orange series HD Propellers and powered by 2S-6S Orange Li-PO Batteries through 20A-40A ESC.

They are equipped with high-temperature wires in the windings of the motor to minimize the burning of the motor. Also, they have high-temperature adhesives that are used to secure the stator windings and prevent them from shifting and getting pinched or shorting out.

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Features : 

  1. Equipped with four fan-style cooling holes that pump air through the motor while it runs
  2. Rear threaded mounting holes with both 16 mm and 19mm hole spacing fits a variety of applications
  3. NdFeB magnets with a high-temperature rating for trouble-free operation
  4. 140° C high temperature rated wire is used for winding the motors
  5. Plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent winding shorting out
  6. Lubricated ball bearings are used to support the motor
  7. High-temperature adhesives are used to secure the stator windings and prevent them from shifting, getting pinched, or shorting out

Package Includes :

1 x 5010 360KV High Torque Brushless Motor for Drone
3 x Male Female Golden Connector Pairs with Heat Shrink Tube
1 x Propeller Mount with Accessories


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