FlySky FS-A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver Module Rev 2


  1. Channels: PPM 8CH, i-BUS 18CH.
  2. Frequency range: 2.408-2.475GHz.
  3. Bandwidth: 500KHz.
  4. Band number: 135.
  5. RX Sensitivity: -92 dBm.
  6. 2.4GHz system: AFHDS 2A.
  7. Modulation type: GFSK.

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If you want to be an electronic geek and have a knack for copters and how they work, Then the receiver is one of the most important parts to understand because, without it, you won’t be able to interpret with your drone.

The FlySky FS-A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver Rev 2 is built for use in multi-rotor drones and is a 1-way receiver (no telemetry).

In the world of racing of drones, the basic requirement is for small and lightweight components that will make a drone more and more nimble. This FS-A8S receiver fits these requirements superbly by being the only 20x14x5.3mm in size and 1.2gm in weight.

It uses the extremely stable AFHDS 2A (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System) protocol, supports standard PPM output and has i-BUS support for up to 18 channels.

This is an excellent addition to your FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i6S, FS-i6X, FS-i10, FS-GT2E, FS-GT2G, FS-GT2F, etc. FS series RC Transmitter.

Features :

  1. AFHDS 2A –2.4GHz system.
  2. SC port: PPM/i-BUS/S.BUS.
  3. The channel delay is <15mS.
  4. Certificate: CE0678.
  5. FCCID: N45ZA8S00.
  6. Low Voltage Alarm: No.
  7. Online update: No.
  8. Compatible with: FS i4 i6 i6S i6X TM10 TM8 Transmitter.

Package Includes :

1 x FlySky FS-A8S 2.4G 8CH Mini Receiver module Rev 2.

1 x Connecting Cable.


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