Bidirectional 30A 2-4s UBEC 2A 5V

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  1. Product: Bidirectional 30A 2-4s UBEC 2A 5V
  2. Input voltage: 5V
  3. Frequency PWM: 1000-2000us
  4. Peak Current (A): 30

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Bidirectional 30A 2-4s UBEC 2A 5V. It can be used in cars, ships, and underwater thrusters. No need to calibrate the throttle stroke, plug, and play. This product adopts imported components, a full power test. bidirectional power output, no brake, direct reverse, quick response, and good handling.


  1. Provide large output current
  2. Overcurrent and overheat protection function
  3. The max efficiency of the chip is up to
  4. The small size and the light weight make it very convenient to use

Package Includes:

1 x Bidirectional 30A 2-4s UBEC 2A 5V


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