Emax BLHeli Series 30A ESC with Oneshot (Original)


  1. Model: Emax BLHeli Series Oneshot
  2. Burst Current: 40A (up to 10Sec)
  3. Input Voltage(V): up to 16V
  4. Constant Current: 30A
  5. BEC: 5V /2A
  6. Suitable Batteries: 2 ~ 4S

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Emax’s BLHeli Series 30A ESC with Oneshot is designed specifically for FPV racing. The Emax series is a line of high-performance and low-cost ESCs for drone motors. Emax’s ESC’S are 100% guaranteed original and genuine products for the beginner who wants to learn how to build a drone.

EMAX BLHELI SERIES 30A ESC  is a brushless dc motor speed controller. The low output resistance greatly enhances power stability because The ESC is adapting a 2-4S Lipo battery which improves good battery life. The EMAX BLHELI ESC is programmed to start the brushless dc motor. This ESC has a greater current handling capacity which is 30A continuous and the peak current is 40A for the last 10 seconds only.

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Features :

  1. Based on BLHeli firmware, further optimized to the perfect drive performance.
  2. Low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, and throttle signal loss protection.
  3. Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, enhancing the ESC’s ability to eliminate magnetic interference.
  4. Parameters of the ESC can be set via a program card or transmitter.
  5. Throttle range can be set to be compatible with different receivers.
  6. Equipped with built-in linear BEC or switch BEC.
  7. Max speed: 210,000 rpm for 2-pole, 70,000 rpm for 6-pole, 35,000 rpm for 12-pole.

Package Includes :

1 x Emax BLHeli Series 30A ESC with Oneshot (Original)


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