Hobbywing Skywaller-40A- UBEC


  1. Continuous Current: 40A
  2. Burst Current: 55A (10 Sec.)
  3. BEC Mode: Linear Mode, 5V@3A
  4. Programmable: Yes
  5. Battery cell : Li-PO / NiMH

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Budget Choice for Hobbyist 

The SkyWalker Series is a budget-friendly ESC line that is mainly developed for Airplanes. Of course, they have the HOBBYWING high-quality assurance and will bring you max. safety and fun. They are suitable for RTF applications and beginners to increase their performance or have a simple start.

Hobbywing SkyWalker 40A ESC Although it is a budget choice, it is made within Hobbywing Factory, not an OEM cheapo. It uses Linear mode BEC instead of Switching mode BEC (BEC is the circuit that powers the Servos and other electronics on the heli), so the price can come down. Overall, it still does the job of providing 40A power to the motor, just it’s a bit hotter than other 40A.


  1.  Safety Function: If the throttle stick is not at the bottom while connecting the battery, the motor will not start
  2. Throttle Range Setting
  3.  Programmable using Hobbywing Program Card or by using Throttle Stick
  4.  Setup – Braking
  5. Setup – Low Voltage Cutoff Soft / Hard
  6.  Setup – Start mode Normal / Slow / Slow
  7.  Setup – Timing Low / Mid / High
  8.  High Voltage Protection
  9.  Overheat Protection
  10.  No Signal Shut Off Protection

Package Includes :

1 x Hobbywing Skywaller-40A- UBEC


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