Quanum 30A continuous Brushless Speed Controller ESC with 5V/2A BEC (Original)

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  1. Running current:30A(Output:  Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs.)
  2. Input Voltage: DC 6-16.8V(2-4S Lixx)
  3. BEC: 5V/2A
  4. Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 26 x 7mm

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This is a Quanum 30A continuous Brushless Speed Controller ESC with 5V/2A BEC. The power input uses extremely low output resistance greatly enhances power stability and has a protective effect on the battery. Separately voltage regulator IC for the microprocessor. Providing good anti-jamming capability. The 30A Quanum Brushless Speed Controller Electronic Speed Controller has been designed specifically with multi-rotors in mind, fast throttle response, ultra-low resistance MOSFETs, small and lightweight, a thicker PCB for better heat dissipation, and much more.


  1. All the components are of the original quality to ensure high quality and reliability.
  2. Import MOSFET with ultra-low resistance and 4 layers 3OZ copper plate for strong withstanding current.
  3. Three start modes: regular start, soft start, and super soft start, which compatible with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.
  4. Programmable throttle curve suitable for all kinds of remote controllers. Smooth and exquisite speed regulation, perfect speed linear.
  5. The maximum rotation speed can up to 210000 RPM (2 poles motor), 70000 RPM (6 poles motor), 35000 RPM (12 poles motor).
  6. Multiple protection: input voltage abnormality protection, low voltage battery protection, overheat protection, throttle signal loss protection, etc.

Package Includes:

1 x Quanum 30A Brushless Speed Controller ESC


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