Readytosky Simonk 12A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) with 5V 1A BEC


  1. LiPo Battery Input: 1 – 3S.
  2. Continuous Current: 12A.
  3. Burst Current(10S): 15A.
  4. BEC Mode: Linear.
  5. BEC Output: 1A/5V.

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ReadytoSky SimonK 12A Series Multirotor 12A Electronic Speed Controller with 1A 5V BEC. This 12A Brushless ESC Electronic Governor Supports 1-3S Small Axis. In the Simonk program based and optimized to achieve the perfect driving effect With low voltage protection, and over-temperature protection.

How to connect the motor and calibrate ESC? Click here!

Multiple parameters can be obtained by the governor (programming card) or remote settings. Throttle range can be configured to be compatible with different receivers, there is a very good low-speed performance.
100% Guaranteed Original & Genuine ReadytoSky Product.


  1. Desigened for QAV180 210 250 ZMR250 Quadcopter.
  2. Low-voltage protection, over-heat protection, and self-check functions.
  3. Separate power supply for MCU and BEC.
  4. Enhancing the ESC’s ability to eliminate magnetic interference.
  5. Parameters of the ESC can be set via a program card or transmitter.
  6. Throttle range can be set to compatible with different receivers.
  7. Equipped with built-in BEC.

Package Includes:

1 x Readytosky Simonk 12A Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) with 5V 1A BEC.


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