1. Product: UBEC-8A+4A
  2. Input Voltage (V): 15V – 26V
  3. Provide large output current
  4. Overcurrent and overheat protection function

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When using a lithium battery pack of more than 3S, a switch‐mode BEC has much higher efficiency with lower heat. For a traditional linear BEC, Using a high-efficiency DC-DC voltage regulator chip, the conversion efficiency exceeds 90%.Has a working status indicator, which lights up when the UBEC is working normally. With input reverse connection protection, overcurrent protection, output short circuit protection, overheating protection and other functions, safe and reliable.


  1. It adopted the advance regulator chip with conversion efficiency exceeding 90%
  2. One output have 4 options for output voltage applicable for all kinds of receivers gyros servos
  3. it featured input incorrect polarity protection

Package Includes:

1 x UBEC-8A+4A


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