Mamba F405 Flight Controller Betaflight STM32


  1. Weight: 6 gm.
  2. SPI Gyro MPU6000
  3. F4 Processor (F405)
  4. 5v1.5a SBEC
  5. Built-in Current Sensor
  6. On-Board OSD (controlled by Beta flight, FC over SPI bus)

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This is the all-new Mamba F405 Flight Controller with BEC based on the design of the popular F4. However, the main advantage of this board is that uses the more powerful STM32  processor for even faster loop times. Low noise MPU6000 IMU connected via SPI, a current and voltage sensor, etc.

The Flight Controller (FC) is a critical part of your drone and the faster the FC goes the better the response to your stick inputs. The Beta flight F4 Flight Controller comes with a 32bit processor for excellent performance and a built-in On-Screen Display (OSD).

The STM32F405 processor is the workhorse behind the FC which has ample memory and CPU power for even the most impressive fliers. Included with this is the MPU600 sensor which combines a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer which will help keep you in the right place. When FPV flying it helps to have easy access to flight data and the built-in OSD provides all the flight information straight to your video feed and onto your goggles or monitor screen.

Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC):

It’s just a fancy name for the voltage regulator, but it is the first-rate feature of this new Omnibus which can convert the main LiPo battery pack voltage to a lower voltage (e.g. 2S 7.4V, 3S 11.1V, or 4S 14.8V to 5V). BEC is usually built into ESC, and as the name suggests, it eliminates the need for a separate battery to power your  5V F4  flight Controller.


  • There are many functions inside one board, the solder joints are very dense, it is very easy to short circuit if you not solder it well, so please make sure you have good welding before power it.
  • If you have trouble getting the FC to recognize your PPM receiver, here is what you need to do. You need to enable RX_serial in the GUI and turn UART3 on. Save and reboot the flight controller. Then re-selecting RX_PPM again on the GUY and the FC now communicates with your PPM receiver.


  1. Processor: STM32 F405 MCU for quick processing power
  2. Baro (BMP280) (default is closed, need to open in configuration)
  3. On-Board Video Filter (only can supply 5V to VTX and Camera)
  4. Power Supply: 5V/1.5A(On-Board Voltage Regulator and Power supply (BEC))
  5. SPI Sensor MPU6000 for gyro and accelerometer, with Barometer BMP280

Package Includes:

1 x Mamba F405 Flight Controller Betaflight STM32


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