TS5823 200mw 40CH Mini Transmitter


  1. Channels: 40CH
  2. Frequency: 5.6GHz-5.9GHz
  3. Video Bandwidth: 8M
  4. Audio Bandwidth: 6.5M
  5. Antenna: RP-SMA, SMA
  6. Compact and lightweight
  7. Perfect for use with small models
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TS5823 200mw 40CH Mini Transmitter packs 200mW of ultra-clean 5.8GHz power in a micro-sized video/audio transmitter! A must-have for those looking to save size and weight while still getting good performance. The TS5823 is transmitting a full range of 48 channels and only weighs 10g.

It’s perfect for a wide range of aircraft, especially small models and 350-size multi-rotors such as Quantum Nova, DJI Phantom, QR X350 and more!

You can couple this 5.8GHz transmitter with our FPV cameras,
FPV Camera

Features :

  1. Micro-sized and lightweight.
  2. Perfect for use with small models
  3. It has a transmitter frequency of 5645-5945MHz with 200mW power output
  4. It features a transmitting distance of 1500m in open area.

Package includes :

1 x TS5823 Mini 40CH 200MW Transmitter module
1 x Threaded Detachable Antenna
1 x AV Cable


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