PE52627NL Through Hole Toroidal Inductors

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High-rated current for high current circuits
Inductance: 470 uH
Tolerance: 10 %
Maximum DC Current: 500 mA
RoHS compliant
Operating Temperature: -40 °C to +125 °C


Inductors, like capacitors, can hold a charge or power within them after a certain time and can maintain that power source even when an outside supply is removed. An inductor stores energy in the form of a magnet. The defining feature of an inductor is a resistance to change in current

A radial inductor has a similar design to radial electrolytic capacitors whereby the inductor stands upright on the PCB and has two legs protruding from the bottom


  1. Power supplies
  2. DC/DC converters
  3. General use


  1. Inductance: 470 uH
  2. Tolerance: 10 %
  3. Maximum DC Current: 500 mA
  4. Maximum DC Resistance: 1.3 Ohms
  5. Operating Temperature: – 20 C to + 80 C
  6. Self Resonant Frequency: 1.8 MHz
  7. Termination: Standard
  8. Mounting Style: PCB Mount
  9. Core Material: Ferrite

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1 x PE52627NL Through Hole Toroidal Inductors


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