20D9 NTC Thermistor (Pack of 10)


  1. Temperature Coefficient Type: NTC
  2. Thermal Time Constant: 32s
  3. Resistance  20Ω
  4. Tolerance: ±1%
  5. Maximum Operating Temperature: +200°C
  6. Minimum Operating Temperature: -55°C
  7. Dimensions(dia.): 9 mm
  8. Application: Compensation, Control, Measurement, etc.
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20D9 NTC Thermistor (NTC-Negative Temperature Coefficient), these R-T curve (Resistance-Temperature) matched thermistors are small, high quality, epoxy encapsulated, precision devices. These epoxy-coated interchangeable chip thermistors offer true interchangeability over wide temperature ranges, permitting the circuit designer to standardize circuitry. This eliminates the need to individually adjust circuits and allows the thermistors to be easily replaced without the need for re-calibration.


  1. Come with a broad resistance range
  2. Thermistor cost is economical
  3. Provided with lacquer-coated thermistor disk
  4. Copper leads have a coating of tin.
  5. Having lead spacing of 5.0 mm
  6. Component remarked with resistance and tolerance
  7. Good stability, durability in the environment
  8. Provide high accuracy in resistance and B-constant
  9. The product is not containing lead

Package Includes:

1 x 20D9 NTC Thermistor (Pack of 10).


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