220pF 430V Through-Hole Varistor (Pack of 5)


  1. Capacitance Value: 220pF
  2. Varistor Voltage: 430V
  3. Voltage Tolerance: 10%
  4. Operating Temp Range: -40C to 105C
  5. Technology: Metal Oxide
  6. Lead Style: Radial
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220pF 430V Through-Hole Varistor is a Metal Oxide varistor. A Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) or a Zinc Oxide Varistor (ZOV) is a component used in electrical and electrical circuits where the voltage has to be restricted. They are mainly used in the protective circuits of voltage-sensitive electronic devices. A Varistor ensures that all transient surge voltages are effectively bypassed and do not reach the device.

The Varistor is designed to carry excessive currents whenever there is a surge in voltage. A Varistor uses metal oxide in its construction and its resistance varies non-linearly with voltage.

Package Includes:

1 x 220pF 430V Through-Hole Varistor (Pack of 5).


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