Plusivo Dupont Connector Kit

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All in one Dupont Connector Kit by Plusivo which includes the following types

  1. Male and female Dupont connector housings
  2. Male pin headers (straight and bent pins)
  3. Colored pin headers
  4. Male and female crimp pins (for wires)


The Plusivo Dupont Connector Kit includes various types of commonly used wire connectors. With a total of 1004 pieces of Dupont connectors, you can make any Dupont wire you need. The Plusivo Dupont Crimp Connector Kit is a joy to use. It comes with an organizer box that allows you to easily store the Dupont connectors and crimp pins. Just open the box and pick up the connector that you need.

Complete Dupont Connector Kit: It includes a variety of connectors: single row pin headers, bent pin headers, colored pin headers, crimp pin connector housings, male and female crimp pins for wires

Premium Dupont Connectors: High-quality assorted crimp pin connectors and ribbon cable included for getting started

Durable Plastic Storage Box Included: For ease of access and transportation of the kit anywhere; you’ll never have to worry about the storage of small parts.



Package Includes:

335pcs Crimp Pin Connector Housing

100 x (1×1) Pin – 100pcs.
80 x (1×2) Pin – 80pcs
20 x (1×3) Pin – 20pcs
20 x (1×4) Pin – 20pcs
20 x (1×5) Pin – 20pcs
20 x(1×6) Pin – 20pcs
20 x (1×7) Pin – 20pcs
20 x (1×8) Pin – 20pcs
15 x (1×9) Pin – 15pcs
20 (1×10) Pin – 20pcs

320 x  Female Crimp Pins – 320pcs
320 x Male Crimp Pins – 320pcs
10 x 40P Straight Pin Header (Black) – 10pcs
15 x 40P Bent Pin Header (Black) – 15pcs
4 x Colored Straight Pin Header(Yellow, Blue, White, Red) – 4pcs
1 x Ribbon Cable


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