1. Amplifier Class: AB
  2. No of Channel:4
  3. Input Voltage Range:6-18 V
  4. No of Pins:27
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This is a four-channel audio power amplifier with a 25-watt output. The TDF8541 and TDF8544 are quad Class-AB amplifiers that are controlled via the I2C bus. The TDF8541 and TDF8544 have an asymmetrical or “single-ended” input configuration that produces 25 to 28 W of output power. They operate over a wide voltage range and reduce dissipation and are available in configurations with the Best Efficiency mode. This audio amplification device These advanced Class-AB amplifiers are designed for use in stop/start cars and support listening to audio streams while the car’s internal power supply is down for engine start. They have a voltage range of 6 to 18 volts.

  1. Automotive Head Unit
  2. Automotive Hybrid Sound System


  1. Keeps operating without audible disturbance during engine
  2. start at a battery voltage as low as 6 V
  3.  Low Vp mute level adjustable via I2C (6 V, 8 V)
  4.  Optimized for low pop (guaranteed in test program)
  5. Full (start-up) diagnostics with flexible read-out
  6.  Programmable DIAG pin
  7.  Second clip-detect pin for additional front/rear detection (mid-tone/bass)
  8.  Family approach with graduated output power (25 W, 28 W)
  9.  Compatible with Best Efficiency quad amplifier (25 W, 28 W)
  10.  Best Efficiency Mode with patented low switching distortion

Package Includes:

1 x TDF8541J/N3,112


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