PZEM-022 100A AC Digital Power Monitor Voltmeter Ammeter Frequency Factor Meter


  1. Model: PZEM-022
  2. Working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
  3. Test voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
  4. Current:100A
  5. Rated power:100A/22000W
  6. Operating frequency: 45-65Hz
  7. Measurement accuracy: 1.0 grade
  8. Size: 9*5*2.5cm/3.5*2*1in
  9. Wire length:19cm/7.5in
  10. Weight: Approx.110g/3.9oz


Monitor your AC applications Voltage, Current and power consumption on the single LCD screen with this PZEM-022 100A AC Digital Power Monitor Voltmeter Ammeter Frequency Factor Meter.  This Meter comes with closed type CT through which you need to pass any one wire of supply voltage given to the application and it will show you the voltage, current, active power, energy, frequency, power factor on its 50 x 30 mm LCD Screen with Backlight.

Additionally, this PZEM-022  module comes with Overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, backlight and power flashing to alarm). Power alarm threshold preset function (can set power alarm threshold). The energy can be reset using the key. Store data when power off.

This module is designed in such a way that it can be easily installed in any dashboard for systematic monitoring dashboard (find the dashboard cutting dimension in User manual out of the box)


1. Backlight control
Short press the key to turning on or off the backlight, the backlight has memory function, it can store the on or off state when power off.
2. Reset energy
Step1: Long press the key for 5 seconds until the energy value flashes, then release the key.
Step2: Short press the key again, then the energy value is cleared and exit the reset flashing state.
Step3:If there is no operation on the key within 5 seconds, it means the energy value is not cleared and will exit the reset state.
3. Set power alarm threshold
Step1: Long press the key until the LCD screen display”SET CLr”, then release the key to enter the setting state
Step2: Power window displays the current power alarm value and the last digit begins to flash, then you can short press to plus 1, when there is no operating over 3 seconds, it will switch the digit position automatically, the setting method is as same as the above.
Step3: After finish, the setting, long press the key over 5 seconds will store automatically and exit, the range of active power threshold is 0.0~2.5kW

Package Includes:

1 x AC Multifunction Digital Meter
1 x Closed Type CT

1 x User Manual


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