Voltmeter -ammeter shunt for 50A

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  1.  Voltage Drop: 75mV
  2. Overreacting Capacity: 120% (of rate current)
  3. Relative Humidity: 95%(35c)
  4.  Environmental Condition : -40~+60c
  5. Shock Frequency Endurance: 80-120 times/mins

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This is a 50A 75mV  current shunt. The fixed setpoint shunt is a suitable the attached external shunt for measuring DC current directly acting on the analog display instrument together with the user in order to expand the scope of the DC current measurement, or sequentially circuit can be regarded as the current sampling with the standard resistors, a sampling voltage is measured with a current can be regarded as an analog signal.


  1. Good Performance and easy installation
  2. A ‘must have’ component for DC current meter
  3. It could be used either in a digital or an analog meter
  4. The shunt is used to multiply the measuring range of current of measuring
  5. It can be used to connect to a 50 Amps DC current meter

Package Includes:

1 x Voltmeter -ammeter shunt for 50A


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