Nextion BASIC NX8048T070 7.0″ HMI TFT LCD Touch Display

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  1. Model No: NX8048T070
  2. Operating Voltage (VDC):4.75 ~ 7
  3. Max. Operating Current (mA):510
  4. Display Type:011R(R: Resistive Touchscreen)
  5. Touch Type: Resistive
  6. Colors:65K (65536)
  7. Working Temperature Range (°C):-20 to 70
  8. Working Humidity Range:10% to 90% RH

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HMI Displays are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their intelligence, and Nextion is one of the popular brands that only manufactures a Diverse Range of high-quality displays at a comparatively high price. These HMI displays are faster to interact with than other HMI displays because they use high-quality components that set them apart.

Nextion HMI Display gain more popularity in the market due to its originality and compatibility in industries and High-end projects also need these types of high-end displays.

This Basic HMI TFT Display is used in  handheld devices, video game systems, personal digital assistants, navigation systems, projectors, and dashboards in automobiles



Robotools is an official distributor for Nextion Displays in India. Check out our Nextion Displays Here.


  1. Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Pi 2, Pi 3, Arduino
  2. 800 x 480 Resolution
  3. RGB 65K true to life colors
  4. TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel
  5. 4 pin TTL serial interface
  6. 16M Flash memory for User Application Code and Data
  7. Onboard micro-SD card slot for firmware upgradation
  8. Visual Area: 154.08mm(L)×85.92mm(W)
  9. Adjustable Brightness: 0~230 nit, the interval of adjustment is 1%
  10. Recommended Power Supply: 5V, 2A, DC
  11. Certificates: CE/EMC, RoHS (certificates)


Please visit the Nextion wiki page for more information about this product. Any suggestions for improvement, such as correcting errors, adding more demo codes or tutorials, will be highly appreciated.

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For technical support, please open a ticket on Itead Support System.

Package Includes:

1 x Nextion NX8048T070 – Generic 7.0″ HMI TFT LCD Touch Display
1 x Connecting Cable
1 x Power Supply Test Board


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