Waveshare RGB Full-Color LED Matrix Panel, 3mm Pitch, 64×64 Pixels, Adjustable Brightness


  1. Driving: 1/32 scan
  2. Header: HUB75
  3. Power supply: 5V / 4A (VH4 header input)
  4. Power: ≤20W


An LED matrix or LED display is a large, low-resolution form of dot-matrix display, useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist human–machine interfaces. It consists of a 2-D diode matrix with their cathodes joined in rows and their anodes joined in columns (or vice versa)

In a LED dot matrix display the LEDs are located at the column and row intersections of the matrix. LEDs in the same row are connected together as are LEDs in the same column.



64×64 RGB LED Matrix Panel


Header Definition









Outline Dimensions:


By nightfall, the dazzling neon lights of the streets and alleys illuminate the whole city making it more dynamic. Obviously, the Full-Color LED Matrix Panel is playing an important role. Maybe be on the doors of shops, maybe be on the bus or the taxi, you can always see animations or advertisement videos. Does it look cool? Why not have a try?

  1. 4096 individual RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness
  2. 64×64 pixels, 3mm pitch, allows displaying text, colorful image, or animation
  3. 192×192mm dimensions, moderate size, suitable for DIY desktop display or wall mount display
  4. Onboard two HUB75 header, one for controller data input, one for output, chain support
  5. Provides open source development resources and tutorials, for use with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and so on


  1. Pixel: 64×64=4096 DOTS
  2. Pitch: 3mm
  3. Pixel form: 1R1G1B
  4. Viewing angle: ≥160°
  5. Control Type: synchronization
  6. Driving: 1/32 scan
  7. Header: HUB75
  8. Power supply: 5V / 4A (VH4 header input)
  9. Power: ≤20W
  10. Dimensions: 192mm × 192mm

Packages includes: 

1 x Waveshare RGB Full-Color LED Matrix Panel, 3mm Pitch, 64×64 Pixels


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