LANTRONIX Xport Embedded Serial to Ethernet Device Server


  1. Manufacturer: LANTRONIX
  2. Connector Type: RJ45
  3. Core Processor: DSTni-EX
  4. Flash Size:512KB
  5. Module/Board Type: MPU Core
  6. Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ 85°C
  7. RAM Size:256KB
  8. Speed:25MHz

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Give the power of Ethernet to any simple device and convert it into IoT enabled module by adding this compact and powerful Ethernet communication to I2C conversion adapter. The Lantronix XPort communications module converters Ethernet to serial data.  Serial is then converted to I2C for communications to IoT devices.  This provides a reliable Ethernet control solution for any IoT devices.

The LANTRONIX XPort module offers the highest level of integration available in a device server. Within a compact RJ45 package is a DSTni® EX 186 controller, memory, 10/100 Ethernet transceiver, high-speed serial port, status/diagnostic LEDs, and 3 programmable I/O pins. In the space that is normally consumed by a connector, the Lantronix XPort unit provides a complete networking interface. To enable access to a local network or the Internet, the XPort module integrates a fully developed TCP/IP network stack and OS. The XPort unit also includes an embedded web server used to remotely configure, monitor, or troubleshoot the attached device


The XPort device server connects serial devices such as those listed below to Ethernet
networks using the IP protocol family.

  1. ATM machines
  2. CNC controllers
  3. Data collection devices
  4. Environmental sensors
  5. Universal Power Supply (UPS) management units
  6. Telecommunications equipment
  7. Data display devices
  8. Security alarms and access control devices
  9. Handheld instruments
  10. Modems
  11. Time/attendance clocks and terminals


  1. The only complete, integrated solution in an RJ45
    form factor
  2. Embedded webserver
  3. 10/100Mbit Ethernet – Auto-Sensing
  4. Stable, field-proven TCP/IP protocol suite and web-based application framework
  5. Easy configuration through a web interface
  6. Easy customization of HTML web pages and configuration screens
  7. Interactive web pages through the use of Java applets
  8. High-performance processor (12 MIPS at 48 MHz, 22 MIPS at 88 MHz)
  9. Network overhead handled by XPort unit
  10. Password protection
  11. Upgrade XPort module’s firmware over the network

Package Includes:

1  x LANTRONIX Xport Embedded Serial to Ethernet Device Server


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