SeeedStudio Grove RJ45 Adapter


  1. Connector: RJ45 – Grove
  2. Applications Widely
  3. Easy to use

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The Grove-RJ45 Adapter is a module that can convert a standard Grove connector to an RJ45 connector. Universal 4-Pin Grove cables can not meet the requirements when Arduino remote connect and control the Grove module. Through two RJ45 adapters and a cable, It is able to achieve communication between Arduino and Grove module. This help solve the problem that Arduino and Grove are not convenient to connect because of the distance issue.

Getting started with SeeedStudio Grove RJ45 Adapter

Interface Function:

Grove Connector   R45 Connector

  1.       VCC                             A7
  2.       GND                            A8
  3.       D1                                A5
  4.       D2                               A4


  1. Standard Grove Connector and RJ45 Connector
  2. Applications Widely
  3. Easy to use

Package Includes :

1 x SeeedStudio Grove RJ45 Adapter


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