Sipeed TANG PriMER FPGA Dev. Board

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  1. Core unit: Anlogic Technologies EG4S20
  2. Logical unit: 20K (LUT4/LUT5 hybrid architecture)
  3. SRAM: About 130KB
  4. SDRAM: Built-in 32bit bit width 64MBit

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Sipeed TANG PriMER FPGA Dev. Board features Anlogic EG4S20 FPGA  unrelated to Amlogic which runs a RISC-V softcore,  and all is packaged in a small form factor.

Application scenario:

  1. High-speed communication interface interconnection
  2. Learning, debugging, research of soft cores such as RISC-V
  3. Machine vision processing
  4. Parallel computing acceleration


  • Interface:
  1. FPC40P socket can be connected to RGB LCD, the VGA adapter board
  2. FPC24P socket can be connected to DVP camera, high-speed ADC module
  3. Resistive touch screen controller for I2C interface, used with RGB LCD
  • Pin and lead:
  1. The adjacent pins LVDS are drawn in the same length, leading out 8 GCLKs, and all 8 ADCs are taken out.
  2. Double row pin spacing 900mil, compatible with breadboard development
  3.  The half-hole leads to an extra 40 IO, and the whole board leads to 130+ IO
  • Electrical characteristics:
  1. Micro USB 5V power supply; 2.54mm pin
  2. 3.3V~5V power supply; 1.27mm stamp hole power supply
  3. 3-channel DCDC power supply chip, stable and efficient power supply
  4. independent adjustment of Bank0 IO level

Package Includes:

1 x Sipeed TANG PriMER FPGA Dev. Board


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