Ai-Thinker EC-01-Kit NB+IOT Development Board


  1. Development board Model: EC-01-Kit
  2. Adaptive pattern combination: EC-01
  3. Packaging: DIP-14(2.54Spacing standard row needle)
  4. Size: 33.9*28.4*13(±0.2)mm
  5. Processor: Cortex-M3,
  6. Support: MPU
  7. Configurable: CPU frequency, Max 204MHz
  8. Storage: 4MB NOR Flash on chip
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EC-01-Kit It is an NB-IoT development board developed by Ai-Thinker The main chip scheme used in the NB-IoT part is EC616S.The ultra-integrated NB-IoT SoC development board supports ultra-low power consumption and fully supportsthe3GPP Rel14 NB-IoT standard, making it an ultra-cost-effective NB-IoT chip

It has the following characteristics (NB-IoT)

  1. Are integrated with RF transceivers, PA, RF filters, antenna switches and power management.
  2. Excellent communication performance and stability in a variety of wireless environments
  3. Excellent power performance in various modes (PSM, DRX, eDRX, connected mode)
  4. Unique MCU mode, providing lower operating current and shorter wake uptime


  1. Processor: Cortex-M3,
  2. Support: MPU
  3. Configurable: CPU frequency, Max 204MHz
  4. 8-Channel DMA
  5. Storage: 4MB NOR Flash on chip
  6. System: Flexible Configuration Support 1.8/2.8/3.3V IO
  7. Peripheral: 8 GPIO(Include TX0\RX0 AND TX1\RX1), 2 UART,2 I2C, 5 PWM, 4 Channel, 12-bit AUXADC, 1 SIM Booth
  8. Low power consumption
  9. Communication: Fully support 3GPP R14 NB-IoT
  10. Power supply voltage: support 5V Micro USB or 3.3V pin supply

Packages Includes:

1 x Ai-Thinker EC-01-Kit NB+IOT Development Board


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