M5 Stack Goplus2 DC Motor and Servo Driver Module (STM32F0)


  1. Based on STM32F030C8T6
  2. Built in 500mAh battery
  3. 4 DC motor , 2 servo control
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GoPlus2 is a stackable multi-functional motor and servo control module. The master control adopts STM32F030C8T6. The module is equipped with a 2-way DC motor drive interface and a 4-way servo drive interface. Three PORT-B interfaces(Analog Input, Digital Output, Digital Input) can be expanded.

M5 Go Plus 2 comes with a built-in 500mAh battery and support infrared (IR) transmission and reception. In order to meet the requirements of the multi-channel interface power supply at the same time, a DC power interface is provided for the external power supply, the battery can be charged through the M5Core with USB-C.

  1. Actuator/motor driver
  2. Acquisition and control of multiple input and output signals
  3. Infrared controller
  4. DIY Toy base


  1. Dual  DC motor interface
  2. Four Servo interface
  3. IR transmit & receive
  4. Three expand PORT B
  5. Based On STM32F030C8T6
  6. Built-in 500mAh battery

Package Includes:

1x GoPlus2 Module

2x DC Motor Cable


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