M5Stack ATOM Matrix ESP32 Development Kit


  1. Brand: M5 Stack
  2. Model: ESP32
  3. Product: Development Kit
  4. Built-in MPU6886 Inertial Sensor
  5. Flash: 4MB
  6. Power Input: 5V @ 500mA
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ATOM Matrix , which has a size of only 24 x 24mm, is the most compact development board in the M5Stack development kit series. It provides more GPIO pins and is very suitable for handy and miniature embedded device development. The main control adopts the ESP32-PICO-D4 chip, which comes integrated with Wi-Fi technologies and has 4MB of integrated SPI flash memory. The Atom board provides an Infra-Red LED along with the 5 x 5 RGB LED matrix on the panel, a built-in IMU sensor (MPU6886), and a HY2.0 interface. A general purpose programmable button is provide below the RGB Led matrix to enable users to add input support to their various projects. The on-board USB interface (Type-C) enables rapid program uploading and execution. One M2 screw hole is provided on the back for mounting the board.


  1. Internet of things terminal controller
  2. IoT node
  3. Wearable peripherals


  1. ESP32 PICO-based
  2. Programmable button
  3. 5 x 5 RGB LED matrix panel(WS2812C)
  4. Built-in Infra-red LED
  5. Built-in MPU6886 Inertial Sensor
  6. Extendable Pins & Holes
  7. Program Platform: Arduino UI Flow

Packages Includes:

1 x M5Stack ATOM Matrix ESP32 Development Kit


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