M5Stack C3 Mate with Pin Headers

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  1. Brand: M5 Stack
  2. Model: C3
  3. Product: Mate with Pin Headers
  4. Voltage: 5V
  5. Peak temperature = 230℃
  6. Weight: 3.8g
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M5Stack just added a new family to its popular series of modules with the Stamp-C3. the new Stamp-C3 featuring ESPRESSIF ESP32-C3 RISC-V MCU with Wi-Fi connectivity for IoT edge devices such as home appliances and Industrial Automation. By combining RSA-3072-based secure boot and the AES-128-XTS-based flash encryption, while also make it optimal for industrial IoT equipment collecting sensor data within a factory or a building.

The Stamp-C3 is based on 32-bit RISC-V microcontroller and operates at a maximum clock frequency of 160 MHz. With 400 KB of internal RAM and 4 MB Flash, it can facilitate many different use-cases involving connected devices. Furthermore, the exceptional heat resistance plastic enclosure is sustained at a higher operating temperature


  1. DIY Prototyping
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Industrial Automation


  1. Three types soldering options are available(SMT, DIP, fly wire)
  2. With a high-temperature resistant plastic enclosure
  3. High  Integration
  4. Stamp-C3 contains 5V->3.3V DC/DC design
  5. GPIOx13
  6. programmable RGB LED x1
  7. 1 x Reset button
  8. 3D antenna, providing stable and reliable wireless communication
  9. Stamp-C3 fully compatible with Arduino
  10. ESP32-IDF, and other mainstream development platforms to quickly build various applications

Packages Includes:

1 x M5Stack M5Stamp C3 Mate with Pin Headers


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