SmartElex GSM/GPRS Shield for Arduino

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  1. Home Automation
  2. Vehicle Tracking
  3. Remote Monitoring and Control
  4. Agricultural Automation
  5. Industrial Automation
  6. GPRS Data Logging

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SmartElex GSM/GPRS shield connects your Arduino to a cellular GSM Network! It directly plugs onto your Arduino and allows you to send/receive SMS, makes/answer calls, access internet through GPRS.

The shield includes all hardware required for your Arduino based GSM Project – GSM/GPRS Module, SIM Card Holder, Cellular Antenna, headphone connector, Bluetooth 3.0 with Antenna etc. It greatly simplifies your GSM project and allows you to quick start your GSM project using the Arduino

The shield uses the Quectel M66 Module. AT commands are used to configure and communicate with the shield.
All communication with the shield is through a serial interface. The shield allows you to use a software serial port on your Arduino. An onboard 3.5mm Audio Jack allows you to connect a headphone to answer calls.

Important:  This Shield can operate with supply range between 6.5V to 30V. But as VIN pin of this shield (i.e.+ pin) will directly get connected to VIN pin of your Arduino board.(while using with Arduino boards)

So, If you use this GSM shield with Arduino Uno or Mega then use supply Voltage between 6.5V to 12V only otherwise due to Higher voltage your Arduino board regulator will burnout. Also do not use Arduino’s 12V input and shield’s 6.5V to 30V supply simulteniously.

Reccomended Voltage for Individual shield : 6.5V to 30V   
Reccomended Voltage with Arduino:  6.5V to 12V 

Instructions to Use:

Jumpers: There are Two Rx and TX jumpers Onboard. If both jumpers are connected i.e. RX and TX of the shield are connected with TX (Arduino D2 pin) and RX (Arduino D3 pin) respectively. Use software serial library of Arduino.

Jumpers are connected As:

  1. RX of Shield à TX of Arduino (D2)
  2. TX of Shield à RX of Arduino (D3)
  3. Power pin of Shield à D7 of Arduino.
For Arduino Mega:
  1. After Mounting shield on Mega, remove two jumpers from the shield named as TX and RX
  2. There is 3 pin Male header beside the jumper named as TX & RX, These pins are TX and RX pins of GSM chip.
  3. By connecting jumper wire on that 3 pin Male header you can communicate with GSM shield by using any another controller.
  4. For Arduino Mega connect the RX pin of a shield to the D2 pin of Arduino Mega and TX pin from shield to D10 of Mega.
  5. Change the following line in the sample code: SoftwareSerial mySerial(10,2);


  1. Quad-band GSM/GRPS 850/EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 MHz
  2. Make/Receive voice calls with 3.5 mm Headphone  Jack
  3. Supports Sending/Receiving of SMS messages
  4. Based on the M66 module from Quectel.
  5. Include onboard Bluetooth 3.0 with Antenna
  6. Both 5V and 3.3V voltage level for RX and TX.


You may use the shield in the following projects:

  1. Home Automation
  2. Vehicle Tracking
  3. Remote Monitoring and Control
  4. Agricultural Automation
  5. Industrial Automation
  6. GPRS Data Logging

Package Includes:

1 x SmartElex GSM/GPRS shield for Arduino

1 x GSM/GPRS Detachable Antenna

1 x User Manual


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