LED 3D Christmas Tree- DIY Kit


  1. Easy to Assemble
  2. Two way to power it
  3. Very creative 3D xmas tree
  4. Dimensions: 59 x 50 x 117 mm (L x W x H)


The LED 3D Christmas Tree- DIY Kit is  Cheap Integrated Circuits Three Dimensional 3D Christmas Tree with a decorative LED. We offer the best wholesale price, quality guarantee, professional e-business service, and fast shipping. You will be satisfied with the shopping experience in our store. You can build this tree for your desk or to gift it on special occasion of Christmas

There are two way to supply power to this tree either you can power it with 3 x AA battery from the battery holder provided with the kit or you can mount any input DC port which can supply 5VDC like a micro USB port

Here link of the hackaday blog  where there is a stepwise explanation to assemble this Tree Click Here



Package Includes:

1 x LED DIY Kit- 3D Christmas Tree


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