Conveyor Belt – Education Set

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  1. Bidirectional drive (forward and backward)
  2. Adjustable speed
  3. Autonomous
  4. Fits in the Niryo One Ecosystem

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This is a conveyor belt set for the Niryo One Six-Axis Open Source Robotic Arm. With this kit, you can make a working prototype of the industrial production line. Compatible with the Niryo environment this conveyor belt kit can be used anywhere.

With this conveyor, you can easily set up a production line. This conveyor is designed to be used with or without the Niryo One: you have the ability to control it with the Niryo One and/or with our controller module that makes it autonomous.

Controlling The Conveyor :

With Niryo One :

  1. Connect the conveyor to the Niryo One
  2. Choose your programming method

    (Niryo One Studio, Python API…)

  3. You are ready to control the production line.

Optional: Mount the photoelectric switch on the conveyor, Connect it to the Niryo One

Independently :

  1. Connect the controller module to the motor
  2. Plug the power supply in
  3. The conveyor is working in autonomy.

Use the variator to adjust the direction and the speed

Optional: Mount the photoelectric switch on the conveyor Connect it to the controller module

Note: The robotic arm shown in the photos is not included in the product you have to purchase it separately


  1. Bidirectional drive (forward and backwards)
  2. Adjustable speed
  3. Autonomous
  4. Fits in the Niryo One Ecosystem

Package Includes:

1 x Conveyor

1 x Photoelectric Switch

1 x Control Box (For An Autonomous Use)

1 x Power Supply Adapter (For An Autonomous Use)

1 x Set of cables

6 x Handle Objects (3 Square Containers & 3 Circles)

2 x Upgraded Jaws for the Standard Gripper

4 x Vision Workspace Landmarks

1 x Conveyor End Stop

1 x Slope


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