12V-84V Lead-Acid 3-24 Strings Lithium Battery Power Display Meter Power Display GY-6GS Green Self setting

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  1. Material: PCB/HTN
  2. Light Color: Green
  3. Display Range: 8-100V
  4. Applicable Battery Voltage: 12-84V
  5. Display Mode: LCD
  6. Product Size: Approx. 6×3.3×1.4cm / 2.4×1.3×0.6inch


The Battery Capacity Voltage Meter can not only measure the battery voltage but also the capacity, show you with percentage. The battery monitor is designed with high-quality LCD, LCD screen with green backlit offers clear and bright display from every angle. Equipped with a PVC film, the surface is waterproof. Long service life button with comfortable hand feeling. Built with buckle, free of screw installation. Battery meter can be applied to portable mobile equipment, electron mobile, balance car, cleaning machine, measuring equipment, etc.

Setting Instruction:

1. Long press the Set key, power supply to the product, enter the setup interface
2. Press the Set key to select the battery specification (Lead acid battery(P), Lithium battery (L), Fe battery(F))
3. Short press the Function key to select the number of battery strings (increasing for set button, decreasing for function button)
4. Long press the Function key to set s mode.


  1. Double button design, easy to set up, can be set in just a few seconds.
  2. Equipped with a switch, you can turn off the power, no power consumption after turning off.
  3. Accurately display the battery power percentage, voltage, and intuitively grasp the battery usage status.
  4. When the power value is lower than or equal to 20%, the backlight flashes an alarm.
  5. Compatible with acid battery, lithium battery, iron lithium battery which can be set by yourself
  6. Manually switch battery percentage/voltage / power off
  7. Automatic recycling display battery capacity/voltage per 2 seconds (Settable)
  8. 10s delay auto-off (Settable)
  9. Double discharge curve selection (Settable

Package Includes:

1 x Power Display Meter


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