TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Kit with 6 IC Adapters

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  1. Model: TL866II Plus
  2. With Multi-functional ICSP interface
  3. 40pin ZIF socket, fully automatic, support fast mode SPI
  4. USB interface for both data transfer and power supply
  5. With over-voltage and over current protection
  6. Supports the serial number of the chips two times development, built-in a variety of commonly used automatic numbering functions
  7. English Language Support
  8. It can program faster than another programmer 500%~1000%


MiniPro TL866II Plus programmer is a universal MCU BIOS EPROM programmer work more than 13000 chips. TL866II Plus USB Minipro support EEPROM FLASH AVR MCU GAL PIC SPI high-performance in-circuit programming. TL866II PLUS programmer fully replace MiniPro TL866CS TL866II and work better!!

Click here to Know the Supported ICs list.


  1. This programmer is equipped with upgrading Function of the built-in hardware firmware program that can make sure your programmer’s firmware flash and application software can be timely updated
  2. 16MB or larger capacity flash chip cannot be programmed by general programmers because of programming speed, while the TL866 programmer can widely support 64MB Serial and parallel series of chips to 48 PIN
  3. Supports most of the chips for programming
  4. English Language Support
  5. It can program faster than another programmer 500%~1000%

Package Includes:

1 x TL866II Universal Programmer Kit
       This kit includes:
        1 x TL866II  programmer
        1 x ICSP cable with 6 wires
        1 x USB cable type A-B
        5 x Different IC Socket Adapters (DIP40, DIP32, SOP8[200-209m], SOP8[150m], & SOIC8 )
2 x  SOP4(1.27mm pitch) – SSOP4 (0.65mm pitch) 28 Pin Adapter Converter Board
1 x  TY-610 PLCC IC Chip Extractor ‏/Puller
1 x HRC-40 ESD-10 Tweezers
1 x Plastic transparent IC storage Box (13cm x 6.5cm) with 10 adjustable Grids


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