Orange Planetary Gear DC Motor 12V 1081 RPM 5.5 N-cm PG28M395-4.6K


  1. Model: PG28M395-4.6K
  2. Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  3. Rated Torque: 5.5 N-cm
  4. Rated Speed: 1081 RPM
  5. Rated Current: 1.065 A
  6. Rated Power: 12.79W
  7. Gear Ratio: 4.6 : 1


Orange Planetary Gear DC Motor has the highest continuous and peak torque capability of any gearbox type. They also feature a very compact, low-weight design in their Class.

As these Epicyclic Gear Train motors are very popular amongst our Robotics designer. So we must ensure them for the quality and performance of these motors. For that purpose when we receive these Planetary DC Geared Motor to our warehouse at, we get them out and start testing each motor in our lab for the extreme pushable limits they can withstand.

We made these motor available without encoders for your convenience, but you can mount the encoder easily if it is needed in your application. The compatible OE-28 hall effect Encoder can be mounted to the rear shaft of the motor which acts as a feedback encoder to provide the real-time feedback of speed and rotating position of Motor.

This is a 12V DC planetary motor which has a gearbox of 28mm diameter. The planetary type gearbox of this motor has a 4.6:1 reduction ratio which produces 1081 RPM with the torque value of around 5.5 N-cm.

We have 12V and 24V DC Planetary geared motors with RPM range from 10 to 1700 with the torque capacity of more than 200 N-cm, do not forget to check them out

Planetary DC Geared Motor.

Compatible Encoder: OE-28 Hall Effect Two Channel Magnetic Encoder

Compatible Motor Mounting Bracket: EasyMech Bracket for PG28M395 Series Planetary DC Geared Motor(Bend)

Features : 

  1. Brushed permanent magnet DC motor
  2. Variable speed and reversible
  3. Planetary Gear Box
  4. Standard brush life of 2000+ hours (varies by application)

Package Includes : 

1 x Orange Planetary Gear DC Motor 12V 1081 RPM 5.5 N-cm PG28M395-4.6K


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