HD Planetary DC Geared Motor 468 RPM 72.6N-CM 24V with Encoder

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  1. Base Motor: 9000 rpm.
  2. No load current: 280mA.
  3. Load current: 1900mA.
  4. Load Torque:
  5. Stall torque:
  6. Stall current: 11.7A.
  7. Reduction ratio: 19.2.

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This motor is specially designed for robotics applications with an ideal balance of quality, performance, and price. This 24V DC motor with planetary gearbox can produce stall torque around 526 N-CM.

The planetary geared motor is always well known for its low backlash and higher efficiency characteristic to meet your higher expectation. The HD Planetary DC Geared Motor 468 RPM 72.6N-CM 24V with Encoder is imported from an established Taiwanese motor manufacturing company which is well known for its quality and durability.

As these Epicyclic Gear Train motors are very popular amongst our Robotics designer. So we must ensure them for the quality and performance of these motors. For that purpose when we receive these Planetary DC Geared Motor at our warehouse, we get them out and start testing each motor in our lab for the extreme pushable limits they can withstand.

This is 24V DC motor which has a gearbox of 36mm diameter. The planetary type gearbox of this motor has a reduction ratio of 19.2 which produces 468 RPM with the torque value of around 72.6 N-cm.

We highly suggest you this motor for the general purpose automation projects. It comes with 96PPR(Pulse per Revolution) single channel output encoder feedback to provide you real-time feedback of rotating position.

Click here for the Replacement cable for HD Planetary Motor 

Note: While using motor make sure that connections are right; Don’t go through wire color, Go with Pin description.

Features : 

  1. Brushed permanent magnet DC motor
  2. Variable speed and reversible
  3. Planetary Gear Box

Package Includes : 

1 x HD Planetary DC Geared Motor 468 RPM 72.6N-CM 24V with Encoder

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Planetary DC Geared Motor