1500W DC 12-50V 30A Electric PWM Speed Control Regulator

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  1. Model: CCM6DS
  2. High-Quality Construction
  3. Input Voltage: 12 to 50VDC
  4. Output Current: 30A (max)


This is a 1500W DC motor PWM speed controller module. The module can control the speed of DC motors up to 1500W providing a current of 30A max. and at operating voltage between 12V to 50VDC. The module comes with a fully shielded enclosure to provide rigidity to the module and allow a better heat transfer across the module. The module has 5 high-quality MOSFETs and 2 hig-quality capacitors. There is an onboard fuse, which protects the module from overvoltage.


  1. Industrial Quality Speed Controller.
  2. Maximum Output Current of 30A.
  3. Maximum Output Power of 1500W
  4. Working Voltage From 12V to 50V.

Package Includes:

1 x 1500W DC 12-50V 30A Motor Speed Controller Electric PWM Speed Control Regulator


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