20A Brushed Electronic Speed Controller

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  1. Operating Voltage: 3 – 9VDC
  2. Output Current: 20A
  3. Battery Input: 2S Lipo
  4. Driver Frequency: 2KHz


This 20A Brushed Electronic Speed Controller is a small-sized ESC that can supply a current up to 20A by using a 2S lipo battery as an input. The ESC accepts a standard RC signal as input and offers functions as forward, reverse, and breaking. This ESC has high-quality silicone cables for the battery input and the motor output.


  1. Continuous Current :20A
  2. Battery Input: 2S Lipo
  3. Can be used with 130/180/260/380 brushed motor
  4. Three Functions: Forward/Reverse/Breaking

Package Includes:

1 x 20A Brushed Electronic Speed Controller


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