Dual 5A Brushed ESC

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  1. Battery Input Range: 2S- 3S
  2. Output Current Per Channel: up-to 5A
  3. JST Male Connector For Battery Input
  4. JST Female Connector For Motor Output


This Dual 5A Brushed ESC can be used in small RC projects where small size motors are used. This brushed ESC can be directly connected to the RC receiver. The ESC features two modes i.e independent and mixed which means this ESC can be used in two ways one is an independent RC channel to control independent motors and the other is one RC channel to control the speed of the motor and another RC channel to control the direction of the motors.

  1. RC Toys
  2. Small Robots


  1. Input voltage: 2-3S
  2. Output current: 2*5A
  3. High-quality motor driver IC
  4. High-quality silicone wires for the motors as well as battery connectors

Package Includes:

1 x Dual 5A Brushed ESC


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