MakerBase Closed Loop Nema 17 SERVO42 Motor with Adapter for 3D Printers (Without Display) V1.1

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  1. Model: MKS SERVO42A V1.1
  2. Input voltage: 12V-24V
  3. Peak output current: +-2A
  4. Closed-loop feedback frequency: 6kHz
  5. Precision: under 0.1125 degree
  6. Micro stepping: 16/32/64/128/256 (Default16)


This conversion kit is a brilliant design from MakerBase that takes the best parts of both stepper motors as well as servo motors, to create a closed-loop motor that not only offers the high speed and holding torque of a stepper but also the near-perfect positional accuracy of a servo as it continuously reads its own position after moving, before making on-the-fly adjustments so that the output steps match the input commands.

It simply converts a NEMA 17 (42 x 42mm) stepper motor into a strong and accurate servo that can handle relatively heavy objects such as DSLR cameras. This conversion module has been designed with the intent to make a loss-free stepper motor and uses a closed-loop system with a positional sensor for on-the-fly adjustments as it spins. This means that even when it does miss a step, this motor can easily spot that small mistake and rectify it accordingly before it goes too far.

Due to this functionality, the MKS SERVO42A can greatly increase print speeds up to 200m/s on some 3D Printers without having to modify any firmware, commit to any major hardware changes or jump through any other loops just to get it working.

This module can be used on any linear movement mechanism found in CNC router machines and 3D printers as well as slide tables, etc.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Model: MKS SERVO42A V1.1
  2. Motor Model: Nema 17
  3. Shaft Size and Type: 5mm (d-type)
  4. Position Cycle Frequency:5KHz
  5. PID Adjustment MethodsPID, pPID, vPID (default set to sPID)
  6. Processor Speed: 48MHz
  7. USB Interface: Yes
  8. Serial Port: Yes
  9. OLED Display Interface: Yes, 400KHz I2C 4-Pin Header
  10. Parameter Adjustment Method: Reset the module after re-adjustment
  11. Current Adjustment Range: 0-3.3A (default set to 300mA)
  12. Step Angle: 22.5° (Default) / 11.25° / 5.625° / 2.815° / 1.40625°
  13. Step Precision: >0.1125°


1. All parts are installed and debugged well, easily operate.
2. High-speed printing does not lose step,
3. Easy to install and simple structure.
4. Available to configure through the serial port debugging assistant and multiple commands, and it can feedback the data.

Package Includes:

1 x MakerBase closed Loop Nema 17 SERVO42 Motor with Adapter for 3D Printers (Without Display)


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