SmartElex Micro:Bit L298N Motor Driver

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  1. Input Voltage (V): 7 ~ 24
  2. Max. Continuous Current: 1A
  3. Peak Motor Current: 2A@10s
  4. PWM Frequency: 20Khz
  5. On-Board DC motor Driver L298N.
  6. 5 mm standard DC plug-in jack for Input supply

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SmartElex Micro:Bit L298n Driver is a motor driver based on micro:bit. It is integrated with L298n motor driving chip, which is used to drive two motors with a 2A peak DC single-channel current.

It has also integrated 13 SVG ports and 1 I2C communication port, These ports allow you to extend with various sensors and electric modules. On the board, P3-P7, P9-P11 are IO ports for directly driving 3.3V devices; P13-P15(SPI port), P19-P20(I2C port) support 3.3V/5V voltage switch. Sliding the voltage switch onboard, it is available to drive 3.3V or 5V devices.

The ‘SmartElex’ holds a varied product range like Motor Divers, Development Boards, Sheilds and Hats for Arduino & Raspberry Pi, Smart Battery Chargers, and many wireless communication devices.  These are designed & manufactured in India with Assured Quality and 6 months of manufacturing warranty provided. This motor driver is highly reliable, robust, and made available at a very cheap price for makers of INDIA.

SmartElex Micro:Bit L298N Motor Driver is one more addition to SmartElex’s product portfolio to provide more smartness to your application..!

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  1. In robotics
  2. Wipers
  3. Versatile electronic devices
  4. Electronics DIY projects

Note: Micro:Bit is not included in the package you have to buy it Separately. Below is the link for BBC Micro: Bit v2

BBC Micro Bit V2 Pocket Sized Single Board Computer


  1. Wide 7 V to 24 V motor operating voltage.
  2. Continuous 1A maximum current without a heat sink.
  3. Two brushed DC motor bidirectional control.
  4. PWM frequency up to 20 kHz.
  5. Supports 5v and 3v Sensors
  6. Power Status LED.
  7. 5 mm standard DC plug-in jack for Input supply.
  8. On-Board DC motor Driver L298N.

For more detailed Specifications, Programming Code, and User Manual refer to the datasheets in the Attachment section.

Package Includes:

1 x SmartElex Micro:Bit L298N Motor Driver (without Mico:Bit)


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