SeeedStudio Grove Servo


  1. Minimum Working Voltage(V): 4.8
  2. Maximum Working Voltage(V): 6.0
  3. Torque: 1.5/1.8
  4. Speed (s/60°): 0.12/0.16 s/60°
  5. Size(mm): 32X11.5X24

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Grove – Servo is a DC motor with gearing and feedback system. It is used in the driving mechanism of robots. The module is a bonus product for Grove lovers. We regulated the three-wire servo into a Grove standard connector. You can plug and play it as a typical Grove module now, without jumper wires clutter.

But if you feel more like a proto servo, check out EMAX 9g ES08A High Sensitive Mini Servo. They are the same model, both of good quality and burden-free price.


  1. Small module
  2. Grove Compatible Interface
  3. Easy to use

Useful Links:
  1. Tutorial
  2. Understanding RC Servors
  3. Arduino Tutorial – Servo Library

Project Links:
  1. Digital/Analog clock – Arduino + PaperCraft
  2. Low-Cost Hobby Servo XY Table

Package Includes:

1 x Grove – 180-degree Rotation Analog Servo


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