460Pcs. Tactile Push Button Switch Kit


  1. Mounting Type: Through Hole
  2. Shaft Shape: Round
  3. Base Size (mm): 3mm to 6mm
  4. Middle stroke (1.05mm)
  5. Shaft Size: 24 different Size (find the details in Package Includes section below)
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Components, in my opinion, are the heart of any design, without them any circuit is incomplete. However, finding the right component can be difficult.

We used to have the same problems in robu, so we made a few component packs solve them. They’ve proven to be extremely useful in our daily work.

Knowing the importance of those packs, we thought they might be useful to our community as well, so we’ve created the orange component kits.

And we believe that these components will help you in your daily work too.

As a result, Orange has developed a Quality Component Kit that contains all of the necessary components in one easy-to-use package, making it the best way to build a complex circuit.

The base size of each variant of  buttons in the kit is the same which is 6 x 6 mm with 10 different sizes of Height Shaft

 Features :

  1. The long life of 300,000 cycles realized despite the high operating force
  2. Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances, and more.
  3. High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life.
  4. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and dismantle.
  5. Good electrical conductivity.

Package Includes :

1 x 460Pcs. Tactile Push Button Switch Kit (24 types)

Kit Includes:

3x4x2-20 Pcs.

3x4x2-20 Pcs.

3x4x2.5-20 Pcs.

3x4x2.5-20 Pcs.

3x6x4.3-20 Pcs.

3x6x5-20 Pcs.

4x4x1.5-20 Pcs.

4x4x0.8-20 Pcs.

3x6x2.5-20 Pcs.

6x6x3.1-20 Pcs.

6x6x4.3-20 Pcs.

6x6x5-20 Pcs.

6x6x6-20 Pcs.

6x6x7-20 Pcs.

6x6x8-20 Pcs.

6x6x9-20 Pcs.

6x6x4.3-20 Pcs.

6x6x11-20 Pcs.

6x6x12-20 Pcs.

6x6x13-20 Pcs.

6x6x14-20 Pcs.

6x6x16-20 Pcs.

7×7-10 Pcs.

12x12x7.3-5 Pcs.

Tactile button head:5 Pcs


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