Orange DIY LM555 Based Motor Speed Controller


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  1. Input Voltage ( V ): 12 V DC
  2. Operating Current ( A ): 100mA 
  3. IC: NE555E
  4. Transistor: TIP122

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We use DC Motors in many systems in our day-to-day life. For example, CPU fans, fume extinguishers, toy cars, etc. are all DC Motors that are operated by a DC power supply. Most of the time we will have to adjust the speed of the motors as per our requirements.

A CPU Fan, for example, must be operated at high speed when the CPU is performing heavy tasks like games or video editing. But for normal usage like editing documents, the speed of the fan can be reduced. Although some systems have an automatic adjustment system for fan speed, not all systems possess this functionality. So, we will have to adjust the speed of the DC Motor ourselves occasionally.

In this circuit, the DC motor is operated by a 555 integrated circuit. The IC 555 in this circuit is being operated in astable mode, which produces continuous HIGH and LOW pulses. In this mode, the 555 IC can be used as a pulse width modulator with a few small adjustments to the circuit. The frequency of operation of the circuit is provided by the passive parameters of resistances and capacitors attached to it.


  1. Pin 1 of 555 is connected to GND. Pins 8 and 4 are connected to +VSupply.
  2. Pins 6 and 2 are short and a 100nF Capacitor is connected between Pin2 and GND. The wiper pin of the POT is connected to Pin 3 of 555. Two

    Schottky diodes (1N5819) are connected to the other two pins of the

    POT as shown in the circuit diagram.

  3. The common point of the diodes is connected to Pin 2. Pin 7 is pulledhigh with the help of a 10KΩ Resistor. The Gate terminal of the MOSFET

    is connected to Pin 7 of 555. The motor is connected between +12V

    Supply and Drain of MOSFET while the Source of MOSFET is connected

    to GND.


  1. To control the speed of the motor efficiently. 

Package Include:

1 x Orange DIY LM555 Based Motor Speed Controller.


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