Orange Raspberry PI Zero/w Beginner Kit


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  1. All essential Accessories to build Raspberry Pi Zero
  2. 5V 3A Power Supply with ON/OFF button
  3. Sandisk 32GB Class 10 SD CARD
  4. High Quality HDMI Cable
  5. Various Sensors and Module
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The Orange Beginner Kit for All Raspberry PI Zero is designed with essential accessories to start using any variants of Raspberry Pi Zero boards immediately. All you need to install the latest Raspbian on your SD card from the Raspberry pi official website in the SD Card provided, which enables the users to just Plug-n-Play with any HDMI display such as TeleVision at home.

In this Universal Orange kit for all variants of Pi Zero Model, we have included mainly Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, SD card Reader/Writer, 32GB High-Speed Class10 SD Card, and others which are required to get started with Pi Zero Board.

Package Includes:

1 x Orange Raspberry PI Zero/w Beginner Kit

Kit Includes:

1 x 5V 3A Power supply adapter

1 x MB-102 Breadboard

1 x Bread Board Power Supply Module

1 x 1 x SanDisk 32 GB class 10 SD Card

1 x SD Card Adapter

1 x USB to TTL Converter Cable

1 x Transparent Plastic RPI Zero case

1 x HDMI TO HDMI Cable (1 meter)

1 x 8 channel 3.3v to 5V Level Converter

1 x 40 pins Female to Female Dupont Cable 20CM

1 x 40 pins Male to male Dupont Cable – 20CM

1 x 40 pins Male to Female Dupont Cable – 20CM

1 x PIR Sensor Module

1 x IR Sensor Module

1 x Heart Rate Sensor Module

1 x Active Buzzer Module

1 x LDR Module

1 x 1-Channel Relay Module

1 x Red LED – 5pcs.

1 x Yellow LED – 5pcs.

1 x Blue LED – 5pcs.

1 x Card Reader

1 x USB Female to Micro-USB male OTG cable


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