ORANGE 50PCS 3296W Adjustable Potentiometer Kit


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  1. Resistance: 100/200/500/1k/2k/5k/10k/20k/50k/100k
  2. Tolerance: 10 %
  3. Operating temperature range: -55ºC to +125ºC
  4. Mounting type: Through-hole
  5. Weight:60 gm


Get the 50PCS 3296W Adjustable Potentiometer in a single kit by Orange. The Orange is Robu’s in-house brand under which we make sure that you get the quality product which you are paying for.!

This Adjustable Potentiometer Kit comes with 10 different types of Resistance ratings mostly used in electronics applications like auto IC, digital to analog circuits, single-chip microcomputers, photoelectric coupling, three-terminal voltage regulators, and SCR.

This kit Contains different ranges of Potentiometers The potentiometer is easy to mount on a PCB and it comes with Good Quality Plastic box with a separator to keep the Potentiometer in a sorted manner.


  1. Used in the fields of electronic products.
  2. High precision mechanism design offers acute operation and long service life.
  3. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and dismantling.

Package includes:

1 x ORANGE 50PCS 3296W Adjustable Potentiometer Kit

Kit Includes:

5 x 100 Ω Potentiometer

5 x 200 Ω Potentiometer

5 x 500 Ω Potentiometer

5 x 1 kΩ Potentiometer

5 x 2 kΩ Potentiometer

5 x 5 kΩ Potentiometer

5 x 10kΩ Potentiometer

5 x 20kΩ Potentiometer

5 x 50kΩ Potentiometer

5 x 100kΩ Potentiometer


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